Friendship - Accountability - Discipleship

No other person in history has generated as much attention or as much controversy as Jesus. His name is the most recognizable name on the planet; no one has had more books written about them, more good done in their name, than Jesus. His name has brought Kings to their knees and has inspired “no-ones” to achieve unimaginable heights …


but who is jesus?


Bridge 42 Student Ministry wants to inspire students to give their lives for the Kingdom, one decision at a time. Our weekly gathering takes place on Wednesday Nights at 6:45 in the student worship center. Students will learn about Jesus and play some epically awesome games! Christ-like community involves making disciples, and we use age appropriate small groups to facilitate this with our students. We want our students to be grounded in the Good News of Jesus, loving and serving one another, and spreading His fame wherever they go.

Led by trained adult leaders, our small groups will begin meeting on Sunday evenings soon. If you have any questions, please contact Youth Pastor, Zach White, below.