Sunday Morning Teachings

Biblical, text-driven teaching.  We allow God's Word to shape us, rather than permitting our own opinions to mold our view of God's Word. Check out our latest message videos below.

MATTEHW 6:9-13

The Lord’s prayer, modeled for us. What does it mean when we pray “Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be done”? Check out the teaching from 3-3-19.

Matthew 6:5-8

Teaching on prayer and hypocrisy. What was the warning from the Lord? How do we respond to this teaching?

Matthew 6:1-4 & 17-18

Teaching on the hypocritical nature of sinful Mankind. What does it mean to practice “righteousness” before other people? Can you do the right things for the wrong reasons?

Isaiah 5:20-23

“Justice Sunday”. All life is valuable to God.

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