Happenings & updates

Hey fellas! We are going to be having a Men’s Breakfast soon. Be on the look out for the dates & times on the calendar, as well as announced on Sunday morning. With the incredible amount of talent we have regarding breakfast-loving-cooks, it should be a fantastic time of food, fellowship, prayer, and community.

order of worship

In an effort to express our worship on Sunday morning in such a way as to promote an atmosphere / posture of intentional praise to God, we are changing the order of worship (don’t worry, it’s not that much). Here is what you can expect during our Sunday services:

  1. Opening Announcements

    Any announcements that need to be announced! Sometimes its about upcoming events, other times it’s important updates regarding the life of Church.

  2. Praise & Worship

    The Church sings praise to God through a mixed worship style of hymns and contemporary song choices. Our worship leader, Phil, spends a great amount of time prayerfully choosing songs that are thematically connected to the spoken message. The band itself spends time throughout the week practicing the music, as well as getting to Church on Sunday super early for a final run through. The posture of the band is to humbly use their talents to praise God and to create a worshipful atmosphere for our congregation.

  3. Communal Prayer

    A servant leader will guide us through specific prayers for the body, the community, & the world. Soft music is played in the background to help create an atmosphere that is focused on inward reflection & prayer.

  4. Children’s Church is dismissed

    They will go with our children’s minister and other servant leaders to learn about God in a space that is conducive to their level of learning.

  5. Message

    One of our elders, servant leaders, or congregants gifted in preaching will deliver the message. Note: anyone invited to preach will be vetted by our elders, and will have had their sermon submitted to them for approval. We are currently working through a series on Daniel.

  6. Communion

    For those that are baptized believers, we invite you to take communion with us. Soft music will be played in the background to help create an atmosphere that encourages deep personal reflection, prayer, and meditation. The focus of communion is to remember the sacrifice of Jesus, and to look forward to the marriage supper of the Lamb when we will eat and drink with Jesus again. We have heard from many congregants that communion is a highly personal and intimate moment for them; however, with the band playing and folks singing, it is difficult to focus with a spirit of remembrance. This change is in response to that desire.

  7. Praise & Worship

    We will end our worship service with a final song of praise to our Lord. Our presiding elder / speaker will pray over the congregation for our departure into a new week.

  8. Fellowship

    Many folks like to linger around in the church building to fellowship with one another. Often times, families will make plans for BBQ’s, lunch, or other community-driven activities. Stay around for a bit and see what you get invited to!

Members of Bridge 42 want to stay connected.

They want to be plugged in with everything God is doing within, around, and through our family. They care deeply for one another, and want to serve the Kingdom of God, spreading the fame of Jesus everywhere they go. But it’s hard to stay connected and be up-to-date on all the things God is doing at Bridge 42 when we have so many responsibilities!


At Bridge 2, we want you to be fully informed, well engaged, and understand EXACTLY what’s going on in the community. As a member, you are entitled to being up to date, always. Through this site you’ll be able to reach out to others, connect with our leadership, jam to our worship team, and discover the next step in being filled with Jesus.