Pastor search is on!

We have recently formed a pastoral search committee to help locate an appropriate pastor for us at Bridge 42! If you or anyone you know would like to know more about this ministerial opportunity, please click the link below:


pastor search committee update

The pastor Search Committee is comprised of representatives of our diverse population at Bridge 42. If you would like to give some input regarding the application process, please contact our presiding elder, Jason R., or your representative: Greg, Cody, Rhonda, Trish, Rebecca B., Robert G., Kasey T.

The committee is meeting once a week on Wednesdays to prayerfully, diligently, and respectfully seek God and consider candidates that are appropriate to present to the greater congregation for affirmation. The search team would ask that you remain in prayer for each of them so that the Lord’s under-shepherd for Bridge 42 may be properly revealed.

Members of Bridge 42 want to stay connected.

They want to be plugged in with everything God is doing within, around, and through our family. They care deeply for one another, and want to serve the Kingdom of God, spreading the fame of Jesus everywhere they go. But it’s hard to stay connected and be up-to-date on all the things God is doing at Bridge 42 when we have so many responsibilities!


At Bridge 2, we want you to be fully informed, well engaged, and understand EXACTLY what’s going on in the community. As a member, you are entitled to being up to date, always. Through this site you’ll be able to reach out to others, connect with our leadership, jam to our worship team, and discover the next step in being filled with Jesus.