Job Description: Lead Pastor of Bridge42 Church.

We are seeking a pastor who will provide strong leadership and oversight to the ministry of Bridge42 church, in concert with our elders. He must be committed both to sound evangelical theology, and to the biblical project of Christian discipleship.

Top Three Priorities

  1. Preaching and Teaching

Provide clear, contextual, Christ-centered exposition of biblical doctrine in weekly sermons

2. Discipleship & Leadership Development

Lead and collaborate with elders and servant leaders in organizing structures both for interpersonal discipleship and for identification and cultivation of potential leaders within the church. 

3. Vision-casting & Community Collaboration

Prayerfully plan a course and a vision for Bridge42 Church in this community in concert with the elders; establish meaningful connections with local Christian leaders,and better understand and serve our area with the gospel.

Other Responsibilities

Oversee administrative and pastoral staff.  This includes facilitating regular staff meetings, and conducting annual written performance evaluations, with input from elders.

Provide pastoral care and counseling to Bridge42 community (as time and priorities permit). Fulfilling these responsibilities: visitation of the sick, elderly and incarcerated, church discipline, and a variety of counseling needs – will often involve your delegating the work to qualified elders or servant leaders in the church.

Officiate weddings and funerals, enlisting pastoral staff support as needed.

Conduct baptisms and child dedications.

Participate in regular elder meetings.

Skill Requirements

-Godly Character

Possesses the character qualities outlined in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

-Dynamic Preaching and Teaching

Able to communicate sound biblical doctrine clearly, contextually, and Christocentrically, mainly through expository preaching.

-Leadership Development

Able to recognize spiritual gifts in Bridge42 members, and to organize processes for cultivating growth and proficiency in these gifts. This will involve working with elders and servant leaders to identify opportunities for any and all members to serve within their areas of gifting.

-Multigenerational Discipleship

Committed to a lifestyle of being discipled and of discipling others; and committed to working with elders and servant leaders in establishing an environment where meaningful interpersonal discipleship is expected, organized, and natural.

-Visionary Leadership

Able to conceptualize and articulate a clear plan for Bridge42’s spiritual growth, development and corporate identity.

-Effective Administration

Able to lead multiple staff, design and manage efficient organizational structures and systems, operate within a budget, and manage time, money, and material resources wisely.

Technological Competency – Proficient in the use of communication technology (Email, Microsoft Office Programs, basic social media platforms, etc.).

Other Requirements

If married, wife must possess a godly character – She must be one who is equally committed to the progress of the gospel and the spiritual growth of Bridge42; who is strongly supportive of his work and mission; who is confident in and exercising her own spiritual gifts; who is hospitable and willing to use her resources for service; and who is aware of the reality that her husband’s vocation is a family calling. Elders would like to talk with her in the application process.

Acceptance of Bridge42’s Article of Faith and Bylaws – Committed to the same basic evangelical theology that we’ve spelled out in our governing documents.


The Lead Pastor is directly responsible to the elders of Bridge42, both personally and professionally.

Ministerial & educational Preferences

Appropriate Theological Education and Church Experience – Possesses (at minimum) a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies or some related field, and is committed to a course of continuing education. 

At least 7 to 10 years of pastoral experience (does not have to be in a lead role), with a track record of growth.

Please email your resume and appropriate documents to Bridgesearchteam@gmail.com